Fight For Your Sport?

Anyone who has listened to “Not The Footy Show” will know that we are all about giving sports that the mainstream media choose not to cover, airtime. We take pride in covering stories of Australians and Western Australians, team’s and individual successes, both at home and abroad.

One thing that irks us is the fact that the local television stations in WA choose to feature the results of the state competition of the sport that we do not mention, week after week, yet no others.

Having spoken to the stations they say they do not feature state competitions. The follow up question was, ‘it is a state competition so why do you not feature other state competitions such as Hockey, Rugby or Soccer/Football?’ Again the responses were interesting, one station stating ‘no one is interested’ another saying ‘we can’t cover all of the competitions in a four minute sports section.’ Why not?

However when pressed as to why they decide to feature one sport above others again no well-reasoned answer was received.

Maybe it is time for people power, maybe it is time the fans, players and administrators of all of these sports asked for an even playing field, that saw all or no state competition’s results featured. Certainly we do not wish to see the television stations playing favourites, as it appears they do now.

The sports mentioned have made massive in roads in terms of popularity and numbers of participating players, so why shouldn’t they get equal coverage?

We know this is a pipe dream that this will possibly never happen, but if their switchboards get jammed by people asking, the message may get through, or maybe their news, if it can be called that, – on which their ratings are based – could be boycotted.

Is it worth a try or a concerted effort by all other sports?

Fight For Your Sport?
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