Facing up To Ronaldo

Can you believe that more than one in 14 of all people on earth (Men, Women, Children and babies) use Facebook. When you break it down across a range of ages and nationalities it goes down to one in nine. Based on this Facebook is now classed as a good barometer to test public opinion, hence why our politicians are now on Facebook.

But apart from keeping in touch and gauging public opinion, social networking has become a vital tool in the promoting and marketing of sports stars, teams and goods.

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo 9.3 million fans making him far and away the most popular sports star of any generation.

A long way behind him at number two comes another footballer, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi with 4.2m fans. Tennis player Roger Federer comes in at number 3 with 4.1m fans and the NBA’s LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant comes fourth with 3.6m fans.

Football is easily the most popular sport worldwide with 7 players in the top twenty most popular athletes. Basketball is second with four in the top twenty. Two tennis players are present, not surprisingly Nadal and Federer. Beckham, who many would say is the most famous footballer only comes in at number seven.

Only one woman made the top twenty and that was Maria Sharapova who came in at number ten with 2.5 million fans.

The NFL and NHL in America did not crack a single player in the top twenty, so it is probably not a surprise that neither did the sport we don’t mention. Golf Swimming and cycling all did, with Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps and Lance Armstrong featured.

Interesting to know who is Australia’s most popular sports person.

Facing up To Ronaldo
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