Curtains for Kubica?

F1 fans are waiting with interest to see how Robert Kubica recovers from a crash following a rally event in Italy, which has already ruled him out for a year. It is possible, however that the injuries he suffered may bring down the curtain on his Formula One career.

Professor Igor Rossello, who operated on Kubica at the Santa Corona hospital, said that the operation involved the “reconstruction [of] the whole anatomy of the forearm”. He also stated that the next five to seven days were crucial as it was in that period that things could still go wrong.

Professor Rossello is reported to have said it would be a year before Kubica can hope to have proper use of his right arm again, although he added “drivers are always very special patients”.

Modern-day F1 drivers are required to press more and more buttons on the steering wheel, so if the operation is unsuccessful or proves to only partially work, Kubica may be left with limited functionality which would seriously jeopardize his racing career.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Curtains for Kubica?
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