Chosen To Stay Or Leave?

Chelsea’s tally of four points from a possible 15 means in the Barclay’s Premier League means that Jose Mourinho’s side have made their worst start to a top-flight season since 1986. Last year when Chelsea won the BPL they only lost three games in the season.

The weekend’s 3-1 defeat to Everton was the first time that Jose Mourinho has lost two successive Premier League games since May 2006.

Now everyone knows that contracts in football are rarely worth the paper they are written on; especially for coaches in the A-league. Yet one wonders where this will leave The Chosen One, Jose Mourinho if their poor run of form continues, 12 goals conceded in 5 games.

Mourinho signed a new four-year deal on the eve of this BPL season. Many had been waiting for such a deal to be brokered as it has been said that privately Jose Mourinho wishes to create a dynasty such as the one created by Sort Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Despite the success that Mourinho has enjoyed he wants to leave a legacy and be spoken of in the same terms as two of his biggest rivals.

It seemed when the deal was done the ideal situation. Mourinho loves London. He likes the fact that Chelsea are still despite their success deemed an interloper amongst the perennial top clubs in Britain. He has an owner who stays in the background and yet is free with the cash when required to buy new talent.

Yet according to those in the know Chelsea’s Academy is a financial success as a business, but has not been as successful in bringing through local talent. Mourinho has also never been one to nurture local home-grown talent.

Manchester City re-signed their coach Manuel Pellegrini on a one year extension just after Mourinho’s deal. They sit top of the league with five wins in five games. The Chilean could not be more the opposite of Mourinho, understated, and almost inconspicuous in terms of his media profile and behaviour at matches. His new contract almost reflected the man himself. Some claiming it was merely a PR exercise by City’s owners, others that it was securing the coach’s services until Pep Guardiola becomes available, and will not result in a huge payout.

If there was one man who could afford to move Mourinho on it is Roman Abramovich; who must be watching what his former coach Claudio Ranieri is achieving with Leicester City. Not surprising Mourinho still believes he can turn things around telling the BBC “I am the man for the job. I don’t think there is better man who could come and do my job.”

It will be hard for him as Chelsea’s next game is against arch rival Arsenal, yet once again Mourinho is upbeat,”Our next match in the Premier League is against Arsenal and we are candidates to win.”

According to Mourinho everything is going against his side at the moment, the question is can he turn it around quickly or how long will it be before Abramovich goes against him?


Chosen To Stay Or Leave?
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