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Springbok fans are working themselves up into a frenzy over news that their beloved Springbok will be absent from their jersey at next year’s World Cup in New Zealand.

SA Rugby had been forced to move the Springbok from the left of the chest to the right side after the government introduced guidelines that the official South African sports emblem, the Protea, be placed on the left hand side of the chest on all national sports shirts.

The International Ruby Board (IRB) has informed all countries attending the World Cup Finals that its World Cup logo must be placed on the right side of the chest on all teams’ jerseys during the tournament.

Which means that one of the most famous and historic badges in World Rugby will be absent.

Reports out of South Africa state that talks between the IRB, the government and SA Rugby to try and come to a compromise have ended in a stalemate.

Former president Nelson Mandela fought his ANC colleagues to ensure that the emblem stayed on the jersey, but it appears that the IRB can do what his fellow politicians couldn’t.

Personally it will be a shame if this is the case and not in the spirit of the traditions of the game

Bokke Me!
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