Blood Sweat and Tears

The Donate Blood Cup Final was one of two of the States two main football showcases, a chance to show the public, those who support the game, those new to it, media and potential sponsors just what the governing body can do.

On Saturday the weather was perfect, and the Stirling Lions pitch looked to be in very good condition, as a curtain raiser the ECU Joondalup v Shamrock Rovers game could not have been better.

It all looked so good for Football, and the game is headed in the right direction, as the crowd would confirm, but sadly the game still manages to shoot itself in the foot.

The match day program was quite simply put a disgrace for such a major game.

The cover featured last season’s winners, which seemed a very strange choice, as they were not contesting this year’s final.

Once you opened the 8-page brochure there was a message from CEO Peter Hugg on Page 2.

He mentioned in his notes that “some very exciting and world renowned guests” would be attending, but failed to advise those not in the know, who they were, some at a loss as to who in fact these guests were.

Below his notes was another picture from last year’s final, which had no relevance to this year’s event showing both captains and officials.

Page 3 saw a piece from Western Australian born Premier League and Socceroo squad goalkeeper Brad Jones asking for people to donate blood, knowing first hand the importance of blood donations having had his son Luca require blood transfusions following his diagnosis with Leukaemia.

The next three pages featured the teams from the Under 18’s final, the reserves cup final and the main event the Donate Blood Cup Final.

Absolutely nothing on how the teams reached the final, who the key players were in each team to look out for or any thoughts from the coaches. Not a single line about the history of the competition and the two teams contesting the Donate Blood Cup Final.

The inside back page was simply a list of Football West sponsors and the outside cover was believe it or not an advert for the lunch on Tuesday with Football Federation of Australia CEO Ben Buckley, but so small was it few even realized that it was an advertisement.

It is easy to criticize, and Not The Footy Show likes to always offer alternatives to issues we may not agree on, and in this instant we feel that a massive opportunity to promote the game was missed, and what was produced in fact did the game and the clubs contesting the finals a disservice. It was another opportunity missed and had we not had numerous people comment to us we may well have let the issue slide, but unless we highlight such failings how can the game move forward?






Blood Sweat and Tears
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