Blatter Fights Discrimination

It comes as no great surprise to hear that FIFA President Sepp Blatter wants the rules changed within the IOC to suit his own ends.

Following the bribery scandal surrounding the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics  the IOC produced a mandate stating that IOC members must retire at 70 years of age if they joined from 1999 on. If they were elected prior to that they have until the age of 80 before they must step aside.

Blatter has stated that he wants to see the age limit  to be scrapped as it is “an act of discrimination.”

“What needs to be done can be done by a Democratic way,” he went onto say. “Simply not eject a member not because of age but because they are not able to do the work. It is not normal to impose age limits.”

Blatter aged 77 has been an ex Officio IOC member since 1999following his election to the FIFA presidency a year earlier. He has also yet to reveal if he plans to stand in the upcoming FIFA Presidency elections and go around for another term in office. IF he does and is re-elected he will remain on the IOC as the age limits only apply to individuals not ex officio IOC members.

Do Mr Blatter’s views extend to those playing football at the Olympic Games, where player must be under 23 years of age? FIFA has always wanted to ensure that its blue riband event, the World Cup is the premier football event, so he is unlikely to even consider such an option. Once again Mr Blatter proves that rules are there to suit his needs and not necessarily those around him.

Blatter Fights Discrimination
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