Bending the Rules

There is something about the Winter Olympics that brings out the worst in people. No one can forget the incident with Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan where the former’s boyfriend attacked the later hitting her knee with a steel pipe prior to the US National Championships. The winner of this event being assured of an Olympic berth.

A new scandal has emerged in the USA where a prospective US short track speed skater, who won a bronze medal in Vancouver has been banned for two years by the International Skating Union for sabotaging the skates of a rival.

Simon Cho has claimed it was an action he took after pressure from his coach, Jae Su Chun who was also suspended for tampering with the skates of Canada’s Olivier Jean during the 2011 World Team Championships.

According to those close to the sport competitors have in the past been known to blunt, or bend their opponents skates and in some instants itching powder has been put inside the costumes of their rivals.

Bending the Rules

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