Beating the System?

Oscar Pistorius seems to have dropped out of the news of late following bail being granted, that is undoubtedly until his case comes to trial.

There have been many bizarre twists in this case revolving around his alleged murder of girl friend Reeva Steenkamp, but one that has jolted sports fans was the news that initially testosterone and syringes had been found in his house. This was later confirmed as being incorrect and what was indeed found was a ‘herbal remedy’ called Testo-compasutium enzyme which is marketed as Testis compositum, and is taken to for temporary relief for a male sexual deficiency.

It is described by Pharmacists as ” a homeopathic male performance/reproductive system enhancer for problems such as a lack of stamina, nocturnal emissions and male hormone imbalance.”

When it comes to sport it is also believed to enhance energy because it increases the heart rate. However it is not on the World Anti Doping Authority’s banned substance list.

It has been said that it is too early to say whether the products found inside his house can be classified as performance enhancers in a sporting context, as tests are still being carried out. However a derivative of the found drug is CoQ10 which can be bought over the counter in health food shops and online which is known as ‘the energy sparkplug’ for its ability to convert Glucose into energy.

Should WADA find that these drugs would have enhanced his athletic performance they have stated that action will be taken, and that they are currently in discussions with the South African anti doping organisation.

Pistorius was tested at the London Olympics and at the time he passed the drug test. The alleged murder of his girlfriend has stunned many, but if it were to be revealed that he had taken drugs to improve his athletic performance the man held up as a leader in sport for Athletes with a disability will have undone all of his good work. The sport will survive, but it will come as a huge disappointment to many.


It seems that nothing in sport these days is exactly what it seems.


Beating the System?

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