Australia So Competitive

You have to love the way in Australia we are so competitive as a nation. Whereas most countries, where winter sports are not really synonomous would be over the moon with three medals at the Winter Olympics some media outlets in Australia have to make the medal table a competition too.

The United States won the most medals with 37, Germany won 30 and host Canada won 26. Which makes Australia’s three look measly if you do not put into context that our climate is not really conducive to winter sports.

So this one media outlet poured over the results from the Winter Olympics and managed to confirm that Australia came fifth overall when it came to female athletes winning medals!

You have to laugh, the final medal tally is not what it is all about and Baron Pierre de Coubertin would be very disappointed in such a viewpoint.

Australia So Competitive
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One thought on “Australia So Competitive

  • March 7, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    And to futher put our Winter Olympic efforts into perspective, Australia has more area of land covered by snow than Switzerland, So perhaps we should be applauding the Swiss effort, as it would appear that they are in fact at a disadvantage, climate wise to us here in Australia.

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