Admit Your Mistakes

Back in August we wrote on this website that if England brought Jimmy Anderson out to Australia it would be a big mistake (Anderson to Swing in Australia?)

Captain Andrew Strauss showed his faith in Anderson, and we questioned whether he would get the movement in Australia. There is not doubt he has been aided by the conditions in Australia, unseasonal overcast weather, and wickets with a more grass than usual on them, but he has risen to the task admirably.

He has shown that he learned the lessons of four years ago, and the England coaching team are to be commended for having their bowlers practise extensively with the Kookaburra ball prior to the test series, as Anderson has shown that hard work and application pays dividends.

Some may say it will pain us to admit that we were wrong, but with the Ashes retained nothing could be further from the truth.

(Despite over 20 years in Australia the one national team I still struggle to support is the national Cricket team).

Admit Your Mistakes
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