A Question of Honour

At the start of the Perth Glory season we questioned the selection of visa players in then state coach Peter Murphy’s Western Australia State team to take on the Glory. We believed that if non-residents were to be selected then it should be called a ‘State League team.’ This belief based on the fact that you are failing to honour the rich history that the Western Australian state team has built up and also as you should at least be a resident of Australia to be afforded that honour.

It seems that those charged with running the game feel very differently, or maybe it is a case of them being totally out of touch with the game’s history and tradition.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said “nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong,” and sadly this will be reflected in the game being played in Carnarvon this weekend.

Robbie Dunn is taking what many view as State League Select XI to Carnarvon to take on the Perth Glory. Yet Football West has advised that this team will go down in the history books as an official state team.
Without taking anything away from those who have been selected to play, it is quite simply wrong. Floreat Athena and ECU Joondalup are contesting the Bam Creative Night Series final on the same night and therefore players from those two teams were not considered. In addition two local Carnarvon players will play for the ‘State team.’ Players that we are sure the coach has never seen play and did not select. Do they deserve the right to say that they have played for the state?

It is time that the State team became the honour it always was. Only residents of Australia eligible for selection, and games organized at a time when all the best players are available.

A Question of Honour
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