A Million Reasons To Smile

As if the top sportsmen needed another big payday, but you have to give Kodak marks out of ten for innovation.

The Kodak Challenge is a chance for the top golf pros to add a little more to their bank balance in what we think is a great idea.

Kodak have picked 30 of the most picturesque holes on the PGA tour, the golfers need to play 18 of these holes and the golfer with the lowest 18 hole score at the end of the season will walk away with the prize money of $1 million.

Iconic holes such as Liberty National’s par three 14th Kapalua’s par five 18th and Pebble Beach’s 18th are featured.

A Million Reasons To Smile
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2 thoughts on “A Million Reasons To Smile

  • July 27, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    John, I like the concept, but as the opening line said ” As if the top sportsmen needed another top payday,” I have to say your idea of making this available for amateurs is a great idea.

  • July 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Ashley, seriously, this is a good Idea? For whom? I am sure the players will love it, and Kodak will think it’s wonderfull, but who else will benifit. Apart from those poor cherubs that run the individual courses that feature among the 30 holes. If they really wanted to do something special it would only be open to amateur players and would feature holes on courses around the world. That way a lot more people would benifit indirectely as golf tragics traipsed around the world in search of the honour as much as the money. Far preferable to it dissappearing into some tax dodging trust of foundation. And dont start with this ‘add…. to the top pro’s bank balance’ guff. Do you think they don’t earn enough? Perhaps we should ask some of the WA Pearls girls or the Wheelcats their opinion. I bet Kieran Gorman would have some interesting thoughts on people who run around in the back half of the field collecting cheques larger than he will ever see in his entire career.
    I am looking forward to tommorrows show now!!

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