A Final Farewell?

It is fantastic to see Perth Glory in a Grand Final again, something many did not feel was possible at the start of this season, us included. We predicted a finals berth and that anything was possible after that, but in truth felt that a Grand Final was just a dream.

The Players and coaching staff deserve all of the credit, for the way they have gone about their business this season, and it is they who deserve the credit and the accolades.

Owner Tony Sage must also take some credit inasmuch as he put up the money to lure the best striker in the A League to Perth when Ferguson told him he was a key requirement.

There were many who questioned how such a squad was assembled within the salary cap, but should anything untoward be discovered down the track, the least the Glory have to worry about is a fine, similar to the one Sydney FC suffered; not anything as damaging as the punishment meted out by the NRL on the Melbourne Storm.

As anyone who follows sport knows it is at the end of the season that coaches earn their money, telling players who are out of contract that they are no longer required, and planning to bring in players who will enhance their squad so that they can achieve more than the previous season.

This is what is going to be expected from the fans of Perth Glory, yet sadly it looks as if this weekend’s Grand Final could well be the last hurrah for many of this year’s squad as they are being asked to take drops in salary if they wish to remain at the club.

One player instrumental to the success of the team this past season it is believed has been asked to take just under a 50% drop in his salary if he wishes to stay at the club. A very big ask whatever your earnings, and one that few would even be able to contemplate.

It is sad that the club has taken this approach with several players. It is a credit to all of those players that it has not detracted from their effort and commitment on the park, and for those reasons they deserve victory this weekend.

Is it the salary cap that has caused this situation, or is it the inability to lower the cost of running the club? Whatever the reasons many fans will question the true ambitions of the club if key players depart at the end of the season because they have been offered worse packages than they are currently on.

Of course that is unless the club manages to sign better players for the same money? That is one of the great things about football fans, you let a star go and sign a player who outperforms the departing player you are forgiven, sign one worse and it will be brought back to haunt you!

Hopefully this week such things can be put into the background as the team has managed to do for the past couple of months and they can go out and cap an outstanding season with an A league Grand Final Victory

A Final Farewell?
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