A Day to Remember

A quick question that is more of a coincidence probably than anything else. What do cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, oarsman Sir Steven Redgrave, the first man to run a sub-four minute mile, Sir Roger Bannister and double gold medal winner and possibly one day knighted Mo Farah have in common?

Would you believe the same birthday! All were born on March 23rd.

Some bright spark has picked up on this and encouraged those wanting an Olympic athlete for a child to start the process in May next year.  It probably takes a little bit more than just the same  birthday to make a star, after all this author shares his birthday with sprinter Wilma Rudolph, Cricket Sir Leonard Hutton, footballer Zinedene Zidane and golfer Colin Montgomerie. Which simply means I hit a gold ball like a cricketer have to sprint after it before it goes oput of bounds and can kick my divot beautifully in frustration!

A Day to Remember
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