$83 Million Not Worth A mention

Amazing to pick up the state’s leading newspaper on Saturday and find that there was no mention of the Western Australian state government’s announcement that they plan to redevelop East Perth oval now known as ME Bank Stadium, and have allocated $83million. Had it been Subiaco Oval it would no doubt have made front page news.

As the Minister for sport Terry Waldron stated ‘the redevelopment will ensure that these codes (football, Rugby Union and League) have a home ground to be proud of.”

Despite a lack or artists impressions of which sports fans in the west have become so familiar, the media were advised that the revamp will be modelled on Skilled Stadium on the Gold Coast. This is a great stadium, but somehow will not fit in aesthetically in East Perth, especially with the art deco gates at the front of the oval. So do not be surprised if delays occur as residents put in their views.

This stage 2 redevelopment is expected to lift the capacity from 18,156 to 25,144. There will be additional corporate suites, improved lighting, a new electronic scoreboard, two new video screens – hopefully better placed than the current two – a new pitch and sub soil drainage as well as increased CCTV security coverage.

It all sounds great but commencement is not due until 2012, by which time a new government could change their mind.

$83 Million Not Worth A mention
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2 thoughts on “$83 Million Not Worth A mention

  • May 25, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    It is so sad that we all have that feeling of deja-vu. I have to say that I think the sporting public need to look at a unified protest, to make the Politicians realise how they are holding back this state

  • May 25, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    My money is on it being called off.

    We’ve had so many promises of new stadiums at burswood, on the entertainment centre site and revamps of ME Bank Stadium that it wouldn’t surprise me if they just can it all over again.

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