Foster Australia’s Best Qualified Coach Says Verbeek

Pim Verbeek the national coach of the Socceroos who we believe has done a fantastic job that has already surpassed Guus Hiddink in ensuring that Australia Qualified for South Africa 2010 was outstanding as a speaker last night at the dinner in aid of the Parkerville Children and Youth Care.

The highlight of the evening had to be when he was asked from the floor who he felt should succeed him as coach of the Socceroos.

Without batting an eyelid, he said “Craig Foster.” He then explained that he seems to know everything and how it should be done.

Craig Foster is billed as an expert analyst on SBS television and sadly seems to go out of his way to spark reaction.

“I think he likes football” Verbeek said “ but that is not the they to promote football, by being critical.”

Verbeek expanded on his view that Foster changes his views depending on what he thinks will spark the biggest reaction. Foster was quoted as saying that Australia should bring back Hiddink when Russia, coached by Hiddink, failed to qualify for the World Cup, and that Verbeek should step aside.

Verbeek was very open about his views of the media and some of its key players in Australia. He felt that Fox Sports commentators pumped the A league up to be better than it was, and felt it was his job to speak the truth and call it as is. He said that he did not agree with some of the opinions of certain journalists but welcomed discussing issues with them, and respected their passion for the game.

He did state however “I don’t read newspapers or the internet because I know what I am doing.” Which is a sentiment you cannot argue with, Australia qualifying for the World Cup without losing a game. His record in charge of the Socceroos being Played 27, Won 15 Drawn 8 Lost 4.

His final swipe at Foster was pure gold, stating that he had never once seen the man from SBS at a Socceroos camp or training session. “Craig Foster reminds me of Casper the Ghost. He looks good with his make up on TV, but I never see him.”

Pim’s honesty has been a breath of fresh air and will be greatly missed when he heads to Morocco. But hopefully he will never be forgotten in Australia.

Foster Australia’s Best Qualified Coach Says Verbeek
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