The Long Resignation

Following the arrests of some of FIFA’s top executives almost three months ago many fans of the world game felt sure that change was just around the corner. Nothing could be further than the truth. It is totally sickening to

Questions over “Any Questions” Tweet

It is often said that the drug testing technology cannot keep up with those looking to gain an illegal advantage in sport. Is the same true of some sports administrators? It may not be any fault of their own, as

Sterling’s Real Value

While travelling in the past month the Raheem Sterling transfer from Liverpool was playing out in the Media. Now it is all settled and he has joined Manchester City. During the “negotiations” there was an interesting piece penned by the

Playing out of the Rough

Blame it on Rio was an eighties comedy romp starring Michael Caine. Sadly there is very little to laugh about in a headline that keeps surfacing in relation to the Rio Olympic games next year in 2016. The International Golf

A Premier Opportunity

State League – or NPL – football in Western Australia is at a major crossroads, whether people want to admit it or not. Rising costs to participate and put a team on the pitch with dropping crowds and virtually no

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