Yesterday’s Hero

How many Athletics fans remember Peter Radford?

He is probably a great example how every athlete has his day in the sun. In May 1960 Radford smashed the World record for the 220yds at little known Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton. His time was also ratified as the World record for the 200metres.

Despite few remembering the feat it has now been commemorated with a mural by admirer John Margetts and was unveiled recently at what is now the Aldersley Leisure Village, a housing estate that has replaced the track. Radford who is now 73 years old and a professor of Physiology was there for the unveiling and acknowledged how the sport had moved on. Usain Bolt’s record for the 200metres is now 19.19.

At the  event to celebrate his achievement he pondered “You do wonder whether he could have done it on a cinder track, without warm-weather training and holding down a day job.”

A very valid point from the former teacher, but at least now his achievement will forever be remembered in Wolverhampton.

Yesterday’s Hero
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