Working Together?

Football West CEO Peter Hugg has stated on several occasions that the ‘relationship between the Perth Glory and Football West is closer than ever,’ yet if that is the case why do the two organisations continually shoot each other in the foot.

We raised the issue of the Night series quarter finals clashing with the Perth Glory Youth League and Perth Glory first team games this past weekend, and now we have the state team playing against the Perth Glory in Carnarvon, the very same night as the finals of the Bam Creative Night series final.

Perth Glory CEO Paul Kelly is believed to one of the main people behind the game, which is undoubtedly a great gesture in terms of helping the flood victims and also taking football to the country. The investment by Chevron to make this happen is also to be applauded.

However, is the timing right? This is the final of the Bam Creative Night Series, and Bam Creative have ploughed money into the tournament and shown a great commitment to the local game. How would they be feeling if suddenly two of the finalists are minus some of their key players to go and represent Western Australia to play in Carnarvon?

According to the Football West website under the Board Members it states that ‘Mr. Kelly is responsible for the State League portfolio.’ We have questioned previously the conflict of interest in having the CEO of Perth Glory on the board of Football West, and surely this is an example where the best interests of the two organisations diverge.

The timing of this game is detrimental to the State League as a whole in terms of possibly depriving the teams in the finals of their best players and showcasing the game and the best two teams.

As stated it is a very worthy cause and the motivations are good, but it has been shoe-horned in at this time to ensure that the Perth Glory can put a team on the park before player contracts expire at the end of March, and before the state league season starts on February 26th. Surely the league season, which has been brought forward, could have been pushed back a week to accommodate such a game, and it could in fact become an annual fixture in the country areas of Western Australia. This would have meant that there was no negative effect on the Bam Creative Night Series, Glory contracts or the All Flags State League season.

To have done that would have shown both parties working closer together. It would not have just been rhetoric.

Working Together?
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2 thoughts on “Working Together?

  • February 8, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Super sub, thanks for your comment.

    It would appear that they have a very myopic view when it comes to the game. What makes it worse is the lack of communication as to how decisions are reached etcetera.

    As for Peter Murphy, it does seem strange that he only had one game in charge. If you were going to change it I personally would have thought Graham Normanton should have been approached as his record would say he deserves the opportunity.

    Also as many were pushing for him to have a role with Glory, what better chance to show what he can do? But then again maybe that is why he was not offfered the opportunity?

  • February 7, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Let’s face facts these people are all there just for themselves. They never give the game or the big picture any thought. They should all be marched down to the river and drowned.

    It is embarrassing. Why was Peter Murphy sacked as coach of the state team? I believe he was not even spoken to, Yet they played well when he was in charge. Again handled very badly.

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