Wired for Sound

Not the Footy Show must be getting old and grumpy, or maybe we are simply traditionalists at heart. We are not fans of television stations have cameras in the dressing rooms, believing that these are the one place a players privacy should be sacrosanct.

Neither do we believe in the modern trend of television stations interviewing players as they come off the park at half time, or while they are sitting on the bench. They have a job to do and they should be allowed for the duration of that game to focus solely on that task. How would you feel if during your working day a guy came up and shoved a microphone in your face and asked you some mundane questions about your morning in the office?

Now there is talk that Gold Coast United coach Miron Bleiberg is prepared to be wired up with a microphone for what he said to the Courier Mail’s Marco Monteverde “Anything that’s for the good of the A-League and adds to its attraction, I’m willing to help out with.”

Players and coaches miked-up is all very well for T20 games which are simply a bit of fun and not taken too seriously, but should the nations top football competition engage such a gimmick and what does it say about the league should such a move eventuate?

The entertainment should be on the park and there alone. If any sport starts searching for other avenues to keep viewers interested is heading down a very dangerous path.

Wired for Sound
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