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Last night on Fox Sports FC it was great to see some common sense spoken about diving in the game of football. There is no doubt that no one likes it, but it is whether we like it or not part of the modern game.

Following the two match bans handed out to Baird at the Glory and Perez at the Central Coast for simulation the panel, addressed the issue in a way that the FFA would be foolish not to look at for next season; as obviously they cannot change a policy half way through this season.

I forget whether it was Mark Bosnich or Andy Harper who raised the point that if you are penalised for diving in a game by the referee all you receive is a yellow card, yet if the match review panel picks you up you get two matches. They stated that the penalties should be the same. Meaning a player would have a yellow card against his name; which could lead to suspension later in the season if he accumulates enough.

Simon Hill then suggested that players be first issued with a warning, and then if they do it again face a longer suspension.

All fans want to see the best players on the park, none condone cheating, but if it means their team wins often turn a blind eye.

This has to be addressed and it seems that these two options both have merit and ensure that we see the best players on the park.

Wily Fox
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