Wily Fox?

Credit to Fox Sports for trying to promote the upcoming Wallabies Test matches against England, but to many born in England their attempt is regrettably on the nose.

For a start English Rugby fans will always distance themselves from the fans of the England football team. They are streets apart in terms of the way they behave, songs sung and the way they carry themselves. The advert has a very real football element to it rather than a rugby one

The mere fact that the “fans” in the advert try and sing “Can you hear the Aussies sing,” albeit to the wrong tune, shows that the people putting the advert have not attended many England Rugby Union games, as that particular song is rarely if ever heard at Rugby Internationals.

Also in the promotional advert one of the fans is wearing British and Irish Lions rugby jersey, most England fans know there is a time and a place for such attire and that is every four years when the Lions go on tour. Only a few would wear such a jersey for a Home Nations international, let alone a Test match against the Wallabies.

It may be advisable in the future to consult a few English Rugby fans before putting such a promo together. Then again if the idea was to stir up passion, it certainly appears to have done that amongst many England fans who are mad at the misrepresentation.



Wily Fox?

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