Will TV Commercial Bring Glory?

Having been in Africa for six weeks I was checking my emails sporadically, and was surprised at how little was coming out of the Perth Glory, especially as amongst the fans there is a buzz about the upcoming season and the fact that the club should be able to build on last year’s first finals appearance. Finally there is some stability at the club, in terms of playing and coaching staff, and the new recruits appear to offer depth in many positions. Some of those guaranteed a start last year may now have to fight for a spot, which is always good.

What did surprise me was the fact that two of their press releases were about the new television commercial that they had produced to attract membership. It was almost like they were promoting the fact that they were promoting the fact that they were advertising for members. I waited until my return to view the commercial, and having done so have to report how underwhelmed I was.

With any marketing exercise the key is to ensure that the end result sees you get sales that not only cover the cost of your investment in the advertising but more on top. I wonder whether this venture will produce those desired results.

We do not know what the rationale or the brief was that was given to the creative people, but does this advertisement, strike a chord with the average Glory fan? Does it attract families to buy memberships? Playing football in a dark and dingy car-park-like environment does not to me reflect an image that is in line with Perth Glory. Surely a more vibrant and positive bright image would have been more appealing?

If this is to reflect their brand, then they must have gone through a major metamorphosis in the close season. Looking at this ad the Glory’s brand appears now to be one of rebels, grunge, a neo-culture or sub-culture that is dark and ominous.

Surely the Glory is about vibrancy, energy, football on a grass pitch, crowds, excitement and passion on and off the pitch?

Finally there is no doubt that Robbie Fowler will be a drawcard to some, but to build your whole marketing strategy around a former star, is ill advised. Just as the FFA have foolishly continued to be associated with an over-the-hill Harry Kewell, so too do the Glory have to start looking to promote the excitement of the stars of the future, the local talent coming through, players people here can associate with, the likes of Tando Velaphi, Scott Neville, Todd Howarth and Anthony Skorich (who we tip to have a good season).

Maybe I am completely off the mark, but I would love to know if this advertisement inspires the average fan to take out membership for the coming season. To me it is a concept that has been sold to the club, but one that will not produce the desired results. I believe that it is money that could have been spent in a more productive and effective way. But life is all about opinions, give us yours.

Will TV Commercial Bring Glory?
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One thought on “Will TV Commercial Bring Glory?

  • July 27, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Personally this advert is crap and so is the skill shown in it. Would not inspire me to take out membership at all. Saying that Robbie Fowler’s signing is far from inspirational.

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