Wildcats Purr On and Off The Court

Congratulations must go to Perth Wildcats CEO Nick Marvin and his team, along with coach Rob Beveridge and the team on taking out their fifth National Basketball Title and ending a ten year drought.

When Basketball looked to be in dire straits a year ago, Marvin stepped up, the free throw line and spoke out on what he believed needed to happen for the NBL not only to survive, but also to become stronger. Due to the Wildcats having a reputation as one of, if not the best run club in the country, Marvin’s comments are sure to have pulled the doubters together.

What is most pleasing is he and Rob Beveridge also raised the bar on the court. To win a national title with a new coach and eight new players is close to amazing. Congratulations must go to all concerned.

Marvin is a great example to other sporting clubs. He is a man who does not seek headlines; he only speaks when there is a need, and lets his players and coach speak for the club on the court. He is however deeply passionate about the game of basketball, and when you have a leader who feels that strongly about the sport, that passion seeps down into everyone attached to the club. It also makes the players relax and concentrate on their game, as they know they can trust the administrators, because they know that they will only do what is best for them.

The Wildcats have set the standard and now others must aim to not only match it, but surpass it, as one thing is for sure Nick Marvin will continue to try and improve the club he loves.

Congratulations must also go to the Wollongong Hawks, for their season and for making the finals series such an enthralling encounter. It is sad that one team had to lose, but for the future of Basketball in Australia, one can’t help feeling that right team won.

Wildcats Purr On and Off The Court
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2 thoughts on “Wildcats Purr On and Off The Court

  • March 17, 2010 at 11:06 am

    I think you have to say that they are the best run club in Perth, in that they have consistently produced results, do not seem to have as many problems on the road as other sporting clubs do, and they have managed to hang onto their supporters.
    In any organisation sporting or otherwise, if the leadership is strong you tend to see the business thrive.
    Thanks for your comments.

  • March 16, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Are the Wildcats the best run professional club in Perth? Does this not show that if you get good people off the park/court you have a better chance of success. It seems there are a lot of hangers on in AFL and Soccer.

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