Wildcats Lead the Way

There is a reason that the Perth Wildcats are regarded as the best run basketball franchise in Australia. It is the same reason that they have been so successful making the finals every year for 25 years. Strong leadership is that key ingredient, a leadership that drives the club on, makes people want to play and support them and gives everyone a belief in the team.

It was great to read this week that Nick Marvin CEO of the Wildcats decided not to send coach Rob Beveridge, Co Captain Brad Robbins and point guard Damian Martin to the NBL’s season awards after learning that the New Zealand Breakers their opponents in Thursday’s semi final would not be attending.

This will guarantee the Wildcats two extra training sessions prior to this all important game as they look to win back to back titles. Mr Marvin has been quoted as saying “I will not put our team at a competitive disadvantage going into such an important game.”

The Wildcats will be fined, but the fine is regarded as secondary to making the Grand Final and giving the coach and the players the best chance of winning the title. This attitude will be appreciated by fans, players and coaching staff and could determine their season.

Wind the clock back 18 months and Perth Glory faced a similar predicament. The awards dinner was on the Monday night before they played Wellington Phoenix away in their first finals appearance in the Hyundai A League. The club voiced their annoyance that four players had to attend but acquiesced to the FFA’s demands. The players flew over East, then back to Perth and onto Wellington, where the team lost 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

What is the betting that Rob Beveridge’s boys lift to win this crucial game, because they have been back by the management and their best interests have been taken into consideration? Once again well done Wildcats your success is well deserved.

Wildcats Lead the Way
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