Who Paid The Piper?

Listeners to Not The Footy Show Last week may have heard that Perth Glory CEO Paul Kelly claimed that neither Perth Glory or Tony Sage paid for the recent internal report compiled by David Hatt and Rick Charlesworth. Which seemed surprising seeing that Mr. Hatt had given up three months of his time to compile the report. 

Subsequent investigations have proven that this may well be indirectly true. David Tasker from PPR (Professional Public Relations) who is their National Director, Investor Relations and works closely with Mr Sage on many of his other business interests suggested the report, and PPR were the ones who contracted the two analysts and paid them.

We have been advised that the club or one of Mr. Sage’s companies will be billed by PPR. So in truth the Club or Mr. Sage has indirectly paid although Mr Kelly was correct in his comments.

Mr Tasker worked for 6 years with the Fremantle Dockers, and knows Mr Hatt from his time as CEO of the same club.

Who Paid The Piper?
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2 thoughts on “Who Paid The Piper?

  • March 22, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks Paul.
    What seems strange is this report took three months to compile, the CEO is being asked to implement the recommendations, yet claims he has not read the report.
    One also has to wonder who has to decide what was released and what wasn’t, and did the person who wrote the medai release get to read the whole report?
    They talk about best business practises but having worked in global organisations some of the comments just do not make sense.
    If they get it right on the park next season all that may of course change.

  • March 21, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Lets hope that the interview also prompts the logical scenario where the CEO gets a chance to read, digest and possibly implement positive reform strategies that we assume are embedded in this famous report.

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