What We Hear, But Will They Listen?

“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people,” is a quote by former president of the United States Woodrow T Wilson. Never will it be truer than with the new CEO of Football West. A failure to acknowledge his sage advice could see the incumbent start on a very bumpy ride.

For all those concerned about the direction that the local game in Western Australia has been heading in the past 10 months without a CEO, you wait may be over. We hear that a second offer is on the table to one of the second round of applicants, and they are waiting to hear if the offer is accepted. Let us hope that if it is not this time they have a second choice.

While all of this is going on, it is disappointing to hear that the board have not seen fit to instigate anything linking the FIFA World Cup to Football in WA. This is a wonderful opportunity being missed. Riding on the back of the City Of Perth’s big screen in Northbridge, does not cut the mustard.

Whoever takes over the role is going to have to be pretty dynamic to lift the game out of the torpor it has suffered in the past year, and the previous two when it was lead by a man with no passion for the game.

As Shane Richardson the CEO of The South Sydney Rabbitohs stated on “Not the Footy Show” last night, a CEO without a passion and a feel for the game will never deliver you results. These are essential pre-requisites.

What We Hear, But Will They Listen?
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