What to do about Wu?

Last week we ran a story about the all powerful Dr CK Wu, the head of AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) and his aim to become the President of the IOC as well as his sweeping decision to ban the English Amateur Boxers.

He was in London last week and it appears that after meeting with journalists he  realised that maybe the decision to ban England was not one of his best.

It was pointed out to him that it was unfair that every boxer from school-age to the first female boxing Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams should be banned because of an argument between the England ABA and AIBA. He was also reminded of the supposed role of AIBA, which is to protect and further the interests of boxers.

Whether it was a case of Dr Wu bowing to a reasonable argument, or when he was advised that Lord Coe who has the ear of many IOC voters was far from happy, we will never know, but the upshot is the ban has been lifted.

“Irrespective of the outcome of the dispute there will be no further ban on the boxers.” Dr Wu declared.

The boxing world was just inhaling to expel a sigh of relief, when it was announced within an hour of this statement that AIBA had slapped a ban on the South African ABA!

Once again why are the athletes being punished for something that is beyond their control? If there is an issue with the administration in any country deal with the administrators and mete out appropriate penalties to the individuals concerned rather than punishing the athletes.

Without the athletes you will strangle the life out of the sport itself.

If Dr Wu did happen to be elected to the IOC Presidency, one has to wonder how he will deal with Athletics associations whose athletes are found guilty of doping offences. The Olympic Games would soon see its participating nation number drop considerably, and many countries such as the USA could find themselves banned. Now that would definitely be against the modern day Olympic spirit, and damage commercial sponsorship.


What to do about Wu?
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