What Next For the Olympics

The able-bodied Winter Olympics have come to an end and next week the Paralympians take centre stage with Australia looking to improve on the results of four years ago when they won four medals, one silver and three bronze.

This year’s event will see Australia have its first female sit down skier participate, in 23 year old Tori Prendgast, who was on the show this week, while  snowboarding will make its Paralympic debut. All very positive news.

However in the wake of the closing ceremony in Sochi it has been revealed that Ice Climbing an event where athletes climb man-made glaciers against the clock is being considered for the Winter Games in four years time. Many are not sure there is a place for such an event. Some have even questioned where will it end? Will we have snowball throwing events, aimed at targets, distance or even a team event along the lines of paintball?

Time will tell whether it does get accepted but in the meantime let us sit back and enjoy the performances of the Paralympians.

What Next For the Olympics
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