What happened to development?

In Perth we have been fortunate to witness three games involving English Premier League sides in the past week, but one has to ask the question, why did the FFA have to fly in Eastern states referees for the games?

As much as the game is about developing players we also need to develop referees.

The cost to fly these three officials in was one that was unnecessary. Why not give the up and coming talent here in Western Australia a chance to rise to the big occasion?

We have already seen Steve Gregory and Josh Manella earmarked for future progression by being sent overseas to referee, and then there is the state league’s favourite referee Matthew Cheeseman.

Surely this was an ideal opportunity to let these guys have a chance in a big game, and also to give them so deserved exposure?

What happened to development?
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One thought on “What happened to development?

  • July 22, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Referees are holding back the progression of the A league. This would have been a great opportunity, how come you think of it and the FFA can’t?

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