What Happened to an Orange at Half Time?

As someone who is involved in the broadcasting of sport you would probably expect me to be in favour of innovation, and in some cases I am, if it improves the coverage of the game. I have personally never been a fan of television cameras being allowed in the dressing room at any stage. The dressing room is a player’s one place of sanctuary, where they can be amongst their team mates and away from prying eyes, laugh celebrate, cry or throw a tantrum. I believe that they deserve that privacy, and the dressing room at every level should be totally off limits.

Another issue that seems to be becoming prevalent is the interviewing of players when on the bench or when they have been substituted. This again in my opinion is wrong; they are still involved with the game and at their place of work. But the one that really grates with me is the interview at half time as a player leaves the field of play. If I was a coach I would simply not allow it. It is distracting a player from his role and delaying him getting to the dressing room for the half time talk.

 Do we as fans really need to hear what that player has thought during the first half, have our experts become so boring, or uninformative that this is essential?

I may be a lone voice, a grumpy old man, but i feel it lends nothing to the broadcast, let us know what you think.

What Happened to an Orange at Half Time?
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One thought on “What Happened to an Orange at Half Time?

  • September 6, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Hate the player interviews at half time! Would Ferguson, Wilkinson, Shankly, Busby, Clough allow it? No way. Shows how amateur the Australians are

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