What About Warne?

In some corners of the cricketing globe, in particular those inhabited by bowlers who remember the days when a cricket wicket actually gave them some help in taking wickets, people have been standing up and asking why there was such a hullaballoo about Indian Sachin Tendulkar scoring his 100th international century, when next to no fuss was made when two bowlers took 1000 International wickets.

Only two bowlers have achieved this feat so far, Australia’s Shane Warne and Sri Lanka Muralitharan.

For those of you interested Warne claimed his 1000th International wicket in his last international appearance on the 3rd of January 2005 when he claimed the wicket of England’s Monty Panesar, also his 707th test wicket.

Murali sent back to the pavilion Khaled Mashud of Bangladesh on the 2nd of March 2006.

No doubt these two batsman will be telling their grandchildren of their unique place in cricket history, while both will undoubtedly crop up on quiz nights.

If this achievement is to be recognised retrospectively maybe a tie should be created for any bowler who achieves the feat; although it is likely to be a fairly exclusive club

What About Warne?
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