What a Difference an MC Makes

Now some may say that the author if this particular comment should not be writing it, as he too is available to MC events and has in fact set up a service Speakers Corner where you can hire him as an MC and he will bring along a guest speaker from one of the top sporting teams in Perth.

But having disclosed that, we are still entitled to an opinion.

Last night thanks to The Western Knights we attended the dinner with Socceroos Coach Pim Verbeek in aid of the Parkerville Children and Youth Care, ticket price $200. Pim Verbeek was first class, as was the CEO of Parkerville Children and Youth Care Basil Hanna in driving home the realities of Child abuse. The service at the restaurant was poor and with a start at 6.30pm to wait until 8.50pm for you main course to be served was well below expectations. Our table ate six plates of bread while they waited!

But what was so disappointing about the evening was the lack of football knowledge or homework done by MC Simon Beaumont from 6PR. His questions were quite simply weak and lacked any insight that you would expect from your host. The questions from the floor were far more probing. They also showed that those attending had a knowledge of the game and expected to have their MC ask in depth questions. Many were disappointed and verbalised this. Although all stated quite clearly that Pim far from disappointed, had he not been so good the night could have been a huge disappointment. He also deserves credit for attending the dinner and not asking a fee.

What is it with football across the country where we allow people who do not have a passion for the game to be in charge of key events such as this, why?

This morning WAIS hosted the breakfast of Champions, and the ABC’s Russell Woolf was the MC. What a difference to last night, he showed a genuine interest and a passion for the athletes and it made an enjoyable experience, and worth getting out of bed so early for. He also had done his homework before fronting the audience by, in the main, asking questions that were of interest to those attending, questions that were neither patronising or sycophantic, but respectful of the various athletes.

What an interesting 12 hours in terms comparing the difference!

What a Difference an MC Makes
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