Week Day Kick Off

Last weekend the WA State Premier League fixture between Armadale and Inglewood United was abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch following an extremely hard downpour of rain.

Understandably the game needed to be rescheduled before the end of the season. What has surprised many is the decision to replay the game on Tuesday evening of this coming week.

The weekend of the 20th of August sees all the Premier League sides given a week off so that the State League Cup Final will attract as big a crowd as possible. This game is being held on the Saturday, despite many preferring it to have been played on the Sunday, that is neither here nor there.

What does seem baffling is why this rescheduled fixture was not slotted in on this weekend and played on the Sunday. Surely this would have been a better solution for all concerned?

Week Day Kick Off

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