Wear Your True Colours

We have to say that we are loving the rugby world cup and the fact that the second tier nations have become so much more competitive, although a lack of depth and high-level fitness appears to be the only thing holding them back at the present time.

One thing that we would like to see restored, if only to make it easier when watching games is the referees wearing the socks of the country they come from.

This used to be the norm in rugby internationals, an Australian referee would wear the Wallabies socks, a Scottish referee, the Scotland socks, and instantly you knew the nationality of the referee.

Now that they are all kitted out in ‘corporate colours’ it makes it very hard to identify the referee’s nationality, and you have to wait until he speaks and hope that his accent is the giveaway. However maybe this is why it is called the ‘game in Union,’ but it would be nice t see this back in the game.

Wear Your True Colours
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