We Are The Clash

If Football West were to release a cd this week “We Are The Clash” would be an appropriate cover to record. Despite our criticism of Football West not advising anyone of the fixture changes last weekend when they clashed with the Perth Glory, we are witnessing more inaction this week on the same front.

Following Perth Glory’s serious Faux pas on Sunday, on Monday local hero Jamie Harnwell announced his retirement from A League football at the club and stated that he intended to return to the club that launched his NSL and A League career, Sorrento to play in the All Flags State Premier League.

Jamie Harnwell has been a beacon for local footballers for the past thirteen years. He was a local lad plucked from the state league to play at the highest level in the state and the country. His never-say-die attitude epitomised what has been lacking in recent times, a pride in representing the shirt and what it stands for to the people of Western Australia. His career has shown great strength of character, overcoming injuries, being out of favour, and moved position; he always came bouncing back with determination and a smile on his face. Most important of all he was an example to local players that determination, dedication and hard work can get you to the top.

Surely that alone should be enough for Football West to show him the respect he deserves and move the Sunday Bam Creative Night series fixtures this weekend so that he can be farewelled in the appropriate fashion at NIB Stadium. An early decision on this should be fairly straightforward, and should be conveyed to the public as soon as possible.

As stated before quite how the Night Series fixtures can clash with the Perth Glory’s beggars belief.

We Are The Clash
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