We Agree, Go With Young

One of the mantras in the Hyundai A league seems to be go with youth, even if the players are not up to the standard just yet. We say that the Newcastle Jets if they want to turn their season around need to go with Young.

Branko Culina for some reason keeps sticking with young goalkeeper Ben Kennedy at the Newcastle Jets, even though he is struggling to reward that faith with performances that warrant him holding down the number one spot.

Not only does young Ben have the support of his coach, but also the Fox Sports commentators who stated on Friday that he was only young and therefore his continual flapping at crosses should be excused.

Surely the fans of Newcastle Jets, who are now bottom of the Hyundai A league are not saying the same? Surely they want a goalkeeper who does his job, and stops shots ending up in the back of the net?

They have sitting on the bench a more than capable goalkeeper in Neil Young. Who was consistently the best goalkeeper in Western Australia. The word from Newcastle is that even at training he puts young Ben in the shade, so why is he not getting a chance?

Forget Youth and go for Young, that would be our suggestion to Branko Culina if he wants to turn the Jets season around and not end up getting the chop once again.

We Agree, Go With Young
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2 thoughts on “We Agree, Go With Young

  • November 5, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Never doubt your ability, you have been consistently the best ‘keeper in the league over here. Your chance will come, and when it does grab it and make sure he realises he should have done it earlier!

  • November 5, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    Thanks for you kind words it is very frustrating not getting a game you ask yourself why did this guy sign me if i a.not good enough or b. he was happy to go with kennedy then why sign an out of state keeper.
    hopefully get a chance soon and repay your kind words what has he got to lose.

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