Was he or Wasn’t He?

Last night on television Australian cricketer Michael Hussey claimed that commonsense prevailed in relation to him making his comeback from injury despite passing what he described as a vigorous training session and making himself available for the Retravision Warriors Shield match against Tasmania.

He obviously wanted to prove that the Australian selectors made a grave error in leaving him out of the One day squad to head to the World Cup. The mere fact that he has recovered enough to be able to declare himself fit at the same time that Australia played its opening game speaks volumes.

The only question now is whether Cricket Australia put pressure on the Warriors not to select a raring to go Hussey to try and avoid further embarrassment. All claim it is in the best interests of the player’s long term welfare, but a professional like Hussey is never going to declare himself fit if he isn’t, especially at this stage of his career.

Was he or Wasn’t He?
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