WA The most Negative Fans in the Country?

Since the birth of the Internet, Forums and Blogs have become commonplace and they are in many cases a good way for fans or enthusiasts of various topics to stay in touch and share views.

Some journalists keep an eye on them for story leads, and some CEO’s read them to see if the decisions they are making are well received. We have to say that we are relieved that one such CEO who used a Forum as their main point of reference for their decision making, is no longer holding such a lofty position, as obviously by doing this they showed that they were not qualified for the role that they had.

So who cares? We hear you say. Why are you raising this? The answer is a very simple one. Talking to many people on the East coast of Australia, who access such forums to find out what is happening is the West we have been concerned to hear, not just from one, but from a number of people, the comment that the Forums in the West are the most negative in the country.

The writer chooses not to visit such sites, so wants to know if this really is the case? If it is why are West Australians so negative about their teams?

Do you believe that these statements are true? Are you a forum contributor or Forum follower, if so do you agree that WA fans are more negative than the rest of the country, and if so why do you think so? We want to hear your thoughts.

WA The most Negative Fans in the Country?
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