WA State Football’s 100 year Milestone – But Who is Counting?

No doubt many football fans in Western Australia will be oblivious to the fact that this year is the centenary of the Western Australian State football team’s first interstate match.

This issue was raised with the former head of Football West to see if there were any plans to recognise such an historic event with the State team playing NSW to commemorate the first fixture.

This now looks highly unlikely; however as a sport we do have an opportunity to not allow this milestone to slip by unrecognised.

The suggestion I would like to put forward is that the Perth Glory approach the FFA and Sydney FC and ask that the Perth Glory Youth league game be allowed to be the game to commemorate the Centenary, and that both teams be permitted to wear their state colours instead of their A league colours.

The Perth Glory Youth League team has only one interstate player in the squad and otherwise represents the young talent of Western Australia, so why not give these players the honour of celebrating this important milestone?

It would be criminal to let 100 years slip by unrecognised wouldn’t it?

WA State Football’s 100 year Milestone – But Who is Counting?
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