Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Once the Hyundai A League fixtures were announced for this season the FFA were aware that the planned friendly against the Netherlands was going to force them to call up local players from the A league, and that it would clash with the national competition.

The question has to be asked do they really care about the Hyundai A League as it appears their focus is very much directed to the national team, which has its merits. However with a league that is so young you cannot decimate the teams for a round without it having a major impact. Modern day fans will not shell out their hard earned cash to go and watch an under strength side. The diehards will be there, but it will impact on attendance figures.

More importantly they are hitting the A league license holders in their hip pocket, and they are not likely to appreciate that. Do not be surprised if the A League club owners soon ask for compensation when they have to release their players for national league duties and the league is not held in abeyance. 

The administrators need to look at these issues very carefully as they will harm a product that is still teetering between success and the same failings of the old NSL despite the standard of football being far greater.

Two Steps Forward One Step Back
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