Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 29 July 2009

SwimmingGrant Hacklett had it and he tells us he is not sure how he got it, while Melanie Wee and Kate Leeming are really going to need it as they tell us about two events they are about to tackle that are exhausting just thinking about them. We are talking about endurance fitness.

Tonight we cover some exhausting events, so get comfortable in your armchairs and stay tuned, and be glad you are just listening to “Not The Footy Show!”

If you haven’t voted on our Olympic poll be sure to do so before 5pm as we will reveal the results tonight as next week the IOC decide. Will our poll reflect the thoughts of the IOC?

On the show we catch up with Australian swimming legend Grant Hackett who looks back on his career and his family’s long-standing rivalry with Kieran Perkins.

Desert running
When it comes to endurance does it get much tougher than the desert runs? Next year our guest Melanie Wee who is a journalist not an athlete will take part in the Atacama Desert run. This event demands entrants run 250km across Chile in 6 days! We plan to follow Melanie’s preparation and see how she gets on.

Endurance cycling
If that seems tough then our other female guest tonight, Kate Leeming is planning to cycle 24,000kms across the breadth of Africa, from Senegal in the west to the horn of Africa in the East. Now that is serious endurance, although she is allowing herself 10 months to complete the trip.

Another man planning to go the distance is WA boxer Mark Di Mori who fights in Perth this weekend against Kiwi Kevin Karusa, he will join us on the eve of his fight to talk about this bout and what Don King has planned for him.

Julian Pritchard is a local rugby referee who has climbed the heights in his sport even quicker than he imagined. He went from fourth official to match referee in the recent World Cup qualifying international between Samoa and Papua New Guinea. He has now become WA’s first test match referee. Tonight he will tell us how that feels

Australia won its first fastpitch softball men’s World Championship in Saskatoon, Canada at the weekend. Softball Australia’s general manager operations Chet Gray will join us to tell us what this means for his sport in Australia.

Water polo
Paul Oberman is the WAIS water polo coach and he joins us tonight to talk about the performances of the men and women at the FINA World Championships in Rome.

Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 29 July 2009

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