Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 10 June 09

Another week and another show, and once again Perth’s only legitimate ‘sports’ show has a great line up in store for you.

So whether you are driving, still at work or at home, be sure to have your radio tuned to 990am, or you will definitely be missing out!

Forty three years after England won the World Cup the other members of the squad have finally been awarded their medals – only from 1974 on did all squad members receive medals – one of those players and an ambassador for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Terry Paine joins us in an extended interview.

When he came to Perth to Open the Squash factory in Wangara, world number 4 David Palmer invited the best young talent in WA to participate in the Italian Squash Open. Tonight we catch up with Glynn Bunting who will be escorting this your talent to Italy.

Joh Curran from the West Coast Fever will be joining us to talk about how they kept their finals hopes alive on Monday night.

Local football
Gary Marrochi was the coach of the former Australian and State players who took part in the Masters World Cup in Thailand, where they made the final once again, but this game was a little different, tune in to hear why.

Darryl Evans is a member of the Westerners Blind Golf Club and he will be joining us to talk about the club and his win in the B3 category at the Australian Stableford Championships in South Australia.

Ramon Andersson WAIS Canoeing coach will join us to let us know how his charges performed at the World Cup in Hungary at the weekend.

Tonight on Not the Footy Show – 10 June 09
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