Time to Talk

Several of the Football West State Premier League coaches have in recent weeks been bemoaning the fact that they will soon be without the players who have been signed up with the Perth Glory Youth team.

This has come to a head as the battle for the title between the Western Knights and Perth hots up, and also because any team from fourth to last could in fact end up being relegated if they lose a few games.

This is an issue that was raised a year ago, with the Hyundai A league expanding, the start of the season has been brought forward, which in turn means the start of the Youth League is earlier this year.

On the East coast all of the state leagues are coming to an end in the next fortnight, so that no club is without players at a crucial part of the season, the showcase part of the season.

Football West need to now sit down with Perth Glory and the clubs and review the season if we are to showcase the best teams and the best players at the season’s end in future years. We have to review the start and finish of the State League season.

It may mean that the McInereney Ford  night series will have to go, or be moved, which if that is for the overall good of the game, I say so be it.

There will no doubt be many who say we can’t move the games forward. Why can’t we when most of the venues are only used by the clubs concerned?

I am all for tradition, but if we have to make changes so come the finals – which I am not a fan off – and the Soccer Pools Cup Final we have the best players for each team on display,  and can give the public and sponsors a showcase worth watching, then change it has to be.

Time that everyone started talking for 2010.

Time to Talk
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2 thoughts on “Time to Talk

  • August 12, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    Spot on! No one wants to see the best players missing for the games that count!

  • August 12, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Once again you talk sense. Why do the powers that be not listen?

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