Time to Stop Censorship in Football

There are many involved in football who have not wanted to believe that today’s administrators in Australia want to not only muzzle the press but also control what the clubs and players under its control say.

The Football Media Association was created in part to try and improve relations between the game’s governing body and the footballing press. Is there another sport who has felt the need to create such a specialist body?

Not The Footy Show has been accused along with other members of the media of ‘sniping’ at the FFA or Football West, as both bodies do not like criticism. Frequently the administrators fail to give the football fans and players, clubs and coaches the truth, and either opt to say nothing or simply send out propaganda. Case in point following the 6-0 drubbing by France the FFA failed to send out its customary post match report. As one club official stated at a recent forum, ‘communism is alive and well in football in Australia.’

If more proof were needed as to the controlling aspect of the football authorities in Australia it is the overnight modifying of Socceroo Tim Cahill’s tweet in support of sacked coach Holger Osieck.

One can understand that it is embarrassing to the FFA that a senior player such as Tim Cahill should publicly come out in support of the national manager, but surely he is allowed to air his opinion? That fact that Cahill has supported Osieck after what can only be classed as an ‘up and down’ relationship, shows the measure of Cahill, a man who can put differences behind him.

The truth is this censorship has to stop. The PFA needs to stand up now and speak for its members. Players, coaches and the media should be free to say what they think, and not face fines, threats or other punishment. Football has always been a game of opinions and if you kill that you will slowly throttle the game.

If those administering the game are so paranoid about what is being said or so vain that they cannot bear to have people airing differences of opinion, then maybe they are in the wrong jobs.

Football is a game for the people and it is a game that stirs up passion. That passion cannot be controlled, no matter how much you try. Apart from the  beauty of the game itself one of the things that makes it great is the loyalty of fans and players, to their clubs, their players and their coaches.

This censorship must stop.

Time to Stop Censorship in Football
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3 thoughts on “Time to Stop Censorship in Football

  • October 15, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    Thank you both of you for your comments. Interestingly one member of the media who contacted us via another medium, claimed it was best to say nothing, as that way your life was easier.

    I have to ask is that the media Australia wants? One who ignores the truth and never asks the hard questions, so that their job is easier?

    As I said to this particular person I think they too are in the wrong job.

    A difference of opinion is not a personal slight, it is time people realised that. Sometimes if you listen to other opinions you can tweak your own views for a better outcome. Trying to control media is not the right way to go.

  • October 14, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    quote ” If those administering the game are so paranoid about what is being said or so vain that they cannot bear to have people airing differences of opinion, then maybe they are in the wrong jobs.”

    You have that right and All White you are spot on Also !

  • October 13, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Nothing new here but as you said a disgrace and needs to stop.

    Fox is simply a propaganda arm of the FFA. How Cockerill an employee of the FFA can still work for Fox is a joke, then you have Bosnich and Slater’s agent who happens to be Farina’s too sitting on the bench for Sydney FC, how can you possibly get unbiased coverage! Rumour is Fox even assisted in del Piero’s salary, which if true explain why he is hailed as the greatest player ever. Dwight Yorke was still a better investment as he could at least run!

    Look at how they have been campaigning for Postecoglou for the past year, an Australian coach is not the answer, a new approach to player development is. But the egos at Fox don’t look that far.

    I have heard that Football West is no better and that the CEO wants to gag or black ball anyone who criticises his regime. Great media relationships he has forged with Channel 9 and The West, how much coverage has that brought?

    Sometimes the only way you can improve is to learn by your mistakes, and trust me there are people in the media in Perth who know a lot more about football than the last two CEO’s put together!

    As you say debate and differences of opinion are good, no one should ever gag the media, so keep on speaking out and telling us what is going on!

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