Time To Be a Good Chap

When any child is staring out in sport they are no doubt told that it’s not the winning that counts but the taking part, and that one has to be a good loser and in essence a ‘jolly good chap.’ Despite not necessarily agreeing totally with these sentiments, they are a good foundation for all aspiring sports playing children to start with.

However one group of gentlemen have taken ‘being a good chap’ to the extreme in where else, but England, when they hosted the Chap Olympiad; An event that celebrated being ‘posh and English.’

There were ten disciplines that competitors had to carry out. These included: Butler baiting, Moustache wrestling, sauntering, shouting at Foreigners while attempting to purchase an item, and umbrella jousting. This was where competitors rode at each other on bicycles and used umbrellas and brief cases to try and knock their opponent off.

Competitors also had to ‘induce the ladies to swoon through any means possible’ in one of the other events.

Not the Footy show has unfortunately been unable to track down the winner of the first Chap Olympiad.

Time To Be a Good Chap
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