Time For Bed?

So Bernard Tomic spoke out about being forced to play tennis at the Australian Open at 2am. He is now being slammed in all corners for his comments and being made out to be a spoiled brat.

We would like to pose a few questions. First of all if Lleyton Hewitt or another higher profile player had made the same comments would they have suffered the same ridicule?

If he had made the same criticism at any of the other Majors around the world would he have copped so much, is it not simply because he is an Australian criticising the Australian Open?

Does he in fact not have a point? It does seem ridiculous to have highly primed athletes who are renowned for living their lives to strict routines to ensure maximum performance playing sport at a time when not only would they normally be in bed, but most normal people too.

He is guilty only of saying the truth, and also showing the pain of defeat that top professionals learn to mask the longer they have been in the game.

The fact that he received a wild card and should be grateful for the chance to play has absolutely nothing to do with the ridiculous scheduling, and those who have thrown that at the teenager, should have a good look at themselves.

Time For Bed?
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