Thunder Rolling In.

On October 16th Western Australia will find out if they have a team in next year’s Australian Ice Hockey League. Everything has been going well in preparation for that decision with the Perth Thunder recording victories against existing AIHL sides, Adelaide Adrenaline, Melbourne Ice and Newcastle North Stars. The team could well enter the league and immediately be competitive.

One thing that will definitely assist in that goal is the fact that 20 of the Perth Thunder players have off their own back organised extra training. The State competition has finished and rather than sit idly by waiting for what next season may bring, they have clubbed together and hired the ice rink themselves. They then organise themselves into teams on the night so that they can get more time on the ice and improve each others games.

They are to be applauded for this and should success come their way there is no doubt they will have earned it. Congratulations.

Thunder Rolling In.
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One thought on “Thunder Rolling In.

  • September 29, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    WA Ice Hockey!

    A bit like surfing for England or bob sledding for Jamaica

    Good luck to the Thunder lads and lets get behind them!

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