They seek him here, They seek him there

Former England cricket captain Freddie Flintoff was reportedly switching to boxing with a view to taking out Great Britain’s heavyweight title. Reports claimed he was being mentored by former World Champion Barry McGuigan, but to box he must receive a license from the British board of control, and they claim that no application has been lodged.

It seems a strange move by Flintoff who was forced to retire from his cricket career due to knee trouble, as boxing puts a great deal of strain on this particular joint, if punches are to be thrown properly.

The latest news is that apparently this is all part of a television program for Sky Sports and Flintoff will take the ring in Manchester on November 30th.

While many are questioning his ability to duck a right hook as opposed to a brett Lee bouncer one can’t help feeling that he would be better off opting for his other favourite pastime when on tour, darts. Maybe Steve Harmison could team up and play doubles, after all they had plenty of practise on tour with England with a dart board often set up in their hotel room.

They seek him here, They seek him there
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